Canary and Parakeet Bath Protector

Canary and Parakeet Bath Protector

Item# 64003 Size: 16 fl. oz./6 ct. case

Item# 64004 Size: 33.9 fl. oz./6 ct. case

Fights Parasites in Birdbaths

  • Eliminates Parasites
  • Use daily until infestation is gone
  • Keeps birdbaths safe and clean

Protector is an all natural solution to cleaning away fleas, mites and lice. The all natural solution cleans away parasites without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals.

Laboratory studies have shown that parasites effect the health and performance of birds. Body weight, feed efficiency and general health are poorer in birds that are exposed to even small amounts of parasites infestation.


Birdbath: Pre-mix one (1) ounce* of product per one (1) gallon of water dispense in birdbath. This is a non-hazardous product and requires no special handling dispose of in a sanitary manner.

To avoid potential chilling and associated stress with this product it is not recommended for use on birds under the age of 10 days of age, extremely old or debilitated birds. To avoid potential chilling dispensed product at or above room temperatures 72°-80°F.

Use as often as needed in controlling parasites.

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