About US

About US

We are a proud Wisconsin company that is the only manufacturer of all natural enzyme products, which are bacteria free. We employee U.S. workers and manufacture all of our great products here in the U.S. where they are then shipped nationally and internationally to our fine customers and distributors.

We have built a reputation since 1995 as the exclusive manufacturer of natural enzyme solutinos for the birding, water gardening and agricultural industries.

Our enzyme products are environmentally friendly and 100% safe for all pets, livestock and wildlife. Currently, there are no products on the market that are  as strong or as safe as CareFree Enzymes.

Our product lines are like no other. Each of our products are unique combinations of Natural Enzymes that fulfill a specific need to you, our customer. Before we ever take our product to market, we do thorough R&D testing which often takes years to perfect. We do this so that ALL of our products achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our products are both effective and animal safe; we pride ourselves on making products that are environmentally responsible and reasonably priced but do exactly what they are intended to do.

Nothing is better, safer than, or as cost effective as our enzymes.

Our products are 99% organic. Unfortunately, our stabilizers (which allow our products an extended shelf life) are synthetic. Synthetic products are not recognized as organic by the OMRI. (Organic Material Review Institution).

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins which can be found in ALL living things. There are many types of enzymes in nature and each serves a specific and important purpose. Without enzymes there would be no life. For people, enzymes are produced in our pancreas and without them we could not get nutrition from our food. Enzymes are responsible for fruits and vegetables becoming ripe, bees turning pollen into honey, and yeast creating alcohol in beer and wine.

The best analogy to visualize how enzymes work is to picture them like a fork and knife. Enzymes latch onto large, unwanted, molecules and break them into smaller molecules which can then be easily digested in the environment. For example, our enzymes latch onto dangerous Ammonia Molecules (NH4), which are extremely harmful to human and animal health, and break them into smaller molecules of Nitrogen (N) and water (H2O).

Enzymes are how nature keeps environments clean and balanced.  Why use a potentially dangerous chemical solution when you could use a natural solution that is proven to be safe and effective?

The Long Term

Using chemical solutions only solve short term problems. Treating a green pond with chemicals will eliminate green or dirty water today but will make the problem come back worse next year. Using traditional pesticides for bugs slowly creates more resilient parasites that are unaffected by pesticides. To add to that, the use of chemicals may be harmful to people and animals. The truth is, enzymes may be more expensive than chemicals but are much less expensive over time. Using enzymes in a green or dirty pond helps to create a natural balance which can PREVENT those problems from reoccurring. From our paid research at some of the prominent U.S. Universities we have seen no evidence of parasites becoming resistant to our enzymes over time. When a flock of poultry is free of parasites and harmful chemicals, the birds are known to grow heavier, live longer, and lay more eggs.

Protect your flock, animals, ponds, water features, and pets with our safe & natural solutions.

Think long term, think CareEnzymes.